Multiprocess, Multitasking and High-Performance Machines

Multiprocess, Multitasking and High-Performance Machines

Methos Machine Tools
Matsuura’s Cublex, Nakamura-Tome’s WY-250, and Kiwa’s KH-45 120.

Methods Machine Tools Inc. has made new machines available from Matsuura, Nakamura-Tome and Kiwa. These include the Matsuura Cublex, the Nakamura-Tome WY-250 and the Kiwa KH-45 120.

Matsuura’s Cublex multi-process technology provides multiple 5-axis milling, turning, and grinding on one machine platform. Two Cublex models, the 25 PC 40 and the 42 PC24 allow shops to change as many as 40 chucks automatically as an ATC lathe or milling machine.

The 25 PC features an 11.8-in.-diameter by 9.8-in.-high maximum work size, 5.2-in. pallets and a 40-pallet changer. The larger 42 PC24’s work envelope measures 16.8 in. in diameter by 14-in. high, and its 24-pallet changer has 12.8-in. round pallets. Machine spindle speeds run 15,000 rpm on the 25 PC and 12,000 rpm on the 42 PC24, and both machines can be equipped with an optional 20,000-rpm spindle.

Matsuura tailored the machines for small lot production of highly complex parts. The company points out that the machines can be thought of as tool changing B-axis lathes that can automatically change as many as 40 different chucks, with expandable tool capacity, while having the full, 5-axis high-speed machining capability of a true machining center.

Nakamura-Tome’s WY-250 multitasking turning/milling center’s dual Y axis is designed to deliver high horsepower and torque. Its opposed, two-spindle, two-turret construction sports a special upper and lower Y-axis capability for milling or drilling simultaneously on both turrets, and a new Super Mill drivetrain that generates high horsepower and torque for milling speeds of 6,000 rpm.

Spindle motors for the left and right are 25 hp and 20 hp, respectively, and the Super Mill drivetrain milling motors on the upper and lower turrets offer 10 hp and 10 Nm.

Kiwa’a flagship model KH-45 120 horizontal machining center is a cost-efficient 400-mm machine with 1-G acceleration, 2,300-ipm rapids, a 30-hp spindle and in-thefield expandability to 220 tools.

This expandability allows shops to upgrade from a 2-pallet horizontal machine with 120 tools to a 6 or 8-pallet version with 220 tools. The machine is designed to handle a variety of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and free-cutting steel.

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