Monolithic machining

Monolithic machining

fully automated 6-machine
A fully automated 6-machine cell from MAG will improve Brek Manufacturing’s production of monolithic aerospace components.

A six-machine automated 5-axis large-part machining cell will strengthen Brek Manufacturing’s longterm business strategy of investing in the latest technology to supply customers the highestquality components at lower costs and with faster delivery.

The cell will be built around MAG Cincinnati’s HyperMach H4000 highoutput 5-axis horizontal profilers integrated into a MAG Cincinnati Cincron cell providing automated material handling.

As a contract producer of complex airframe components, Brek Manufacturing, a Taurus Aerospace Group company, will gain one of the industry’s most efficient and automated systems for aerospace parts production, along with the best labor utilization, Dan Janka, president of MAG Americas, said.

A concentration on 5-axis machining has allowed the Gardena, Calif.-based Brek Manufacturing to develop specialized capabilities in monolithic machining —producing complex structures to replace former multi-part assemblies.

H4000s feature high-power simultaneous 5-axis contouring, full-portal constructions, fully enclosed cutting zones, breakthrough ergonomics and a wide range of machine configurations and material handling options. The machine designs adapt modular components from MAG Cincinnati’s advanced HyperMach 5-axis vertical profiler family, which is optimized for ultrahigh-speed, high-precision machining of oversized aluminum plate and forgings.

The six-machine cell covers three H4000s with 30,000-rpm 60-kW HSK63 spindles and three with 20,000-rpm 85-kW HSK100A spindles.

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