Mill and Clean

Mill and Clean

Mill and clean

Bertsche Engineering Corp. ( presents two manufacturing systems, the P5 Mill and the iJet CNC high-pressure water deburring machine. The totally integrated and complete parts cleaning iJet system handles two or more parts per cycle with integral part handling, CNC programmability, and quickchange part holding gripper. It is suitable for both low and highvolume applications.

The iJet moves parts in four axes over a series of horizontal and vertical rotary nozzles, direct nozzles and manifold stations for feature-specific chip burr removal and part cleaning. The system relies on highpressure, as much as 10,000 psi, intensified and directed water jets to blast chips and burrs from external surfaces and hard-toaccess internal part features.

Shops can manufacture entire families of large-scale parts from profile beams to aerospace standards on the fully automatic P5 bridge mill, which provides axis travels of 300 in. by 60 in. by 30 in. and rapid rates of 2,000 ipm. Within a minute, the P5 can be fully re-configured for a different family of parts.

A new generation B/C direct-drive fork-type head and 20,000-rpm 43-kW spindle deliver the high accelerations and feedrates needed for long part machining. Machine table configurations for composite, aluminum extrusion, bar and plate work are available.

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