New-Design Mill/Turn Machine, New Wire EDM Series Among 10 New Ideas

May 19, 2016
Machine shops need new ideas, and new technologies to keep them engaged, aware, active, and competitive. Here are 10 product ideas we discovered this week to make machining, shop management, tooling, and workflow more effective and productive.

If you operate a machine shop — or any manufacturing operation with a focus on machining, and all the surrounding process technologies like product and process design, troubleshooting, CAM programming, tool design and selection, quality control, etc. — you face a steady flow of new technology and products, updates and improvements intended to address the large and small, general and arcane details that concern machine operators, programmers and shop owners and managers. Here’s a list of the 10 ideas for setting up, programming, cutting, turning, grinding, tool selection, and so on … that caught our attention this week.