All-Laser Machining for Automotive, Industrial and Medical Devices

April 23, 2014
Raydiance introduced a suite of precision manufacturing systems based on femtosecond laser technology for micromachining tasks in specific product segments: automotive manufacturing; industrial markets; and medical device industries.

Raydiance — which develops precision manufacturing devices based on femtosecond laser technology — introduced a suite of systems for executing micromachining tasks for specific product segments: the R-Drill, the R-Tube, and the R-Mill, for automotive manufacturing, industrial products, and medical device industries. Each package is ready to be integrated in manufacturing lines, to increase yield and improve production efficiency by optimizing factory workflow and eliminate post-processing steps, and achieve part-to-part consistency.

In use by Fortune 500 manufacturers worldwide, Raydiance technologies reportedly reduce per-part production costs by 20 to 5%.  Additionally, these solutions make it possible to optimize product design and development by reducing prototyping and production transfer significantly, from months to as little as 24 hours according to Raydiance.

Customer applications include precision nozzles for automotive engine fuel injectors, cooling micro holes for power generation turbine blades, texture surfacing for biomedical implants (e.g. knee, hip and ear), and cutting of peripheral and cardiovascular stents.

Each package consists of Raydiance laser(s), selected scanner(s), work station(s), and material processing expertise via proprietary control software.