Fully Customizable Horizontal CNCs for Gear Hobbing

Feb. 12, 2015
Koepfer America LLC introduced a new series of horizontal CNC gear hobbing machines.

If gear-hobbing is your business, or if you’d like to be in the gear-hobbing business, Koepfer America LLLC recently introduced a line of machines it described as a “competitive and fully customizable solution” for high-precision, CNC gear hobbing. The CLC “H” machines are a series of horizontal designs for heavy-duty gear cutting.

The CLC 260-H machine is rated for 7.874-in. (200-mm) 
diameter parts at 4 DP (mn 6.0). Larger workpieces can be hobbed with a maximum swing of 20.472 in. (520 
mm) diameter.

The larger CLC 500-H is rated at 
19.685 in. (500 mm) diameter at 0.847 DP (mn 30.0), 
with a maximum swing diameter of 31.496 in. (800

Both machines can be built with different bed lengths to offer axial travel up to 118 in. (3,000 mm), making either machine a flexible manufacturing system for shafts and pinions. Additionally, these machines are designed with novel features, including a large through-hole in the work spindle for extra-long work pieces.

These machines also have standard features, such as high-speed direct-drive torque motors for both the work and cutter spindles; Fanuc 31i numeric control; and optional skiving (carbide re-hobbing) capability with an integrated electronic timing probe. They are also equipped with a high-speed hob head that swivels ±45 degrees.

For high-helix worms or rotors, a special CLC 500-FR-H form milling machine is available.

The CLC “H” series offers North American gear manufacturers a new, and yet proven, option for horizontal gear hobbing. Finally, these machines can be customized as necessary to provide machine shops and manufacturers an optimal method of producing high-quality gears.