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Manual Clamp Grips

Manual Clamp Grips

Manual clamp grips

A full line of Novo-Grip clamp grips from Kipp — a German manufacturer of manual operating elements — is available from Fixtureworks Workholding Technologies (

The ergonomic, five-lobed grip handle provides secure manual tightening without separate tools or wrenches.

The clamp grips are available in 80 configurations to meet a variety of application options, including size across lobes, male stud or femaletapped bushings, choice of inch or metric threads, steel or stainless steel thread components and four color selections — dark or light gray, and yellow and red — for identifying placement, application or operational sequence.

Grips with female threads are available in handle sizes from 50 mm through 63 mm (1.969 in. through 2.480 in.) and with threads from 5/16-18 to 5/8-11 while metrics with same handle diameters have M8 by 1.25 to M16 by 2.0 threads. Tapped bushing depths range from 14 mm to 18 mm (0.551 in. to 0.709 in.).

Male threaded grips are available in 3/8-16 though 1/2-13 or M10 by 1.5 to M12 by 1.75 metric thread sizes, with handle sizes from 50 mm to 63 mm (1.969 in. to 2.480 in.). Stud lengths are from 15 mm to 60 mm (0.591 in. to 2.362 in.). For all styles of grips, actual height of the handle ranges from 34.8 mm to 44 mm (1.370 in. to 1.732 in.).

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