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Machining Double

Machining Double

Flexible transfer machining system

The Ideo 2 flexible transfer machining system from Mikron Corp. ( sports two independent machining stations/modules for medium-volume production of steel, brass, cast or aluminum prismatic parts measuring to 250 mm. It easily machines complex geometric forms on six part faces in single clampings and performs parallel machining of different workpieces simultaneously. One module can be working while the other is being changed over.

The machine’s two working areas each house their own spindle and A/B axes for 360-degree part rotation, and two automatic tool changers that each hold 32 tools provide 1.6-sec toolchanges. Shops can perform 5-axis positioning, 4-axis interpolation and load the machine manually or automatically.

Ideo 2’s machining modules are compact box-in-the-box designs with heavy-duty electro spindles that run to 14,000 rpm. There is also constant spindle temperature control through coolant circuits and electronic tool-break control that checks tool wear and breakage.

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