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Machine enhances photo engraving

Machine enhances photo engraving

photo engravingGravograph’s ( M20 Pix engraving machine engraves photographic images, traditional scribed text and logos in the same engraving job.

The machine allows for engraving medals, jewelry, dog tags, cell phones, and curved, non-flat and other unusually shaped items.

Machine features such as an integrated self-centering vise, a variety of clamping jigs, red laser spotting beam and adjustable engraving depths make it possible.

The machine also offers the versatility to accommodate a variety of engraving materials, resulting in a long-lasting engraved design that will not easily wear off over time. Intelligent Gravostyle Quickpix software does the guess work and makes importing images quick and easy for users through dedicated pix interface, image cropping tools, advanced text tools and photo filter. Plus the compact M20 Pix requires only 1 sq.ft. of space and a computer or laptop for operation.

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