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Large, Heavy Machining

Large, Heavy Machining

MAG Giddings & Lewis

MAG Giddings & Lewis ( addresses the needs of shops doing heavy cutting of large parts with its 1,250-mm HMC 1250 horizontal machining center.

The machine boasts 56 kW to 80-kW (75-hp to 107-hp) spindle power, 4,496 lb to 5,620 lb of axis thrust and super-rigid full-contouring hydrostatic rotary table. Plus, rapid traverse/feedrates run to 1,575 ipm and 15-second tool changes maximize in-cut productivity. Because of its modular design, the HMC 1250 offers five spindle selections, a range of machine travels, 60 to 200 tool magazines and three control choices.

Also as part of the MAG Automation Systems Group, MAG Fadal will demonstrate vertical machining center technology for cutting aluminum, titanium and hardened steel. MAG Huller Hille will show its NBH 5+ Speed horizontal machining center with 90-m-per-minute linear feeds and 80-rpm B axis. MAG Powertrain will focus on automotive engine and transmission component machining technology and conduct an invitationonly preview of a new horizontal machining center platform.

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