[IMTS Preview] Tsugami to Show Swiss-Style Machine Tools

[IMTS Preview] Tsugami to Show Swiss-Style Machine Tools


The new product line-up from Tsugami will include the S206 20mm CNC Precision Automatic Lathe with Back Working Y-Axis; the SS26 26mm Chucker Convertible Super Swiss Turn, and the SS207 20mm Super Swiss Turn with B-Axis. All models feature opposed gang slides and Tsugami’s user-friendly automatic programming system.

The SS26 26mm Super Swiss Turn is chucker convertible, providing added flexibility to configure the machine as desired. Its modular and roomy tool zone design reduces set-up and changeover times, making it ideal for shops with diverse jobs and variable lot sizes.

The SS207 20mm Super Swiss Turn is the next generation model within the popular SS Series platform. Built with the same high quality standard features of other SS models, the SS207 is distinguished by the addition of continuous B-Axis control, lending it the characteristics of a 4-axis or 5-axis machining center.

In addition to the three new S and SS Series models, Rem Sales will display several leading Swiss-style machines currently within the Tsugami product line. The SS32 Super Swiss Turn, the BH20 and BH38 premium CNC Precision Automatic Lathes, the BE20 easy operation CNC Precision Automatic Lathe, and TMU1 sliding headstock Precision Turning Center with ATC will demonstrate precision machining capabilities while performing live cutting of various parts, including a sample fuel nozzle.

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