[IMTS Preview] Surfware, Hardinge to Emphasize Material-Removal Rates

Hardinge Inc., in cooperation with the TRUEMill Division of Surfware Inc., will be demonstrating exceptional material-removal rates machining 4140 Alloy — live — on the new Bridgeport GX-1000 OSP-P200M vertical machining center

The live machining sessions at the show will demonstrate that the Bridgeport GX-1000 OSP VMC, in cooperation with the patented TRUEMill Milling technology, dramatically increases material removal rates and decreases cycle times, while at the same time extending cutting tool life, in machining even the toughest of alloys like 4140. The new Bridgeport GX-1000 OSP VMC will be machining 4140 parts throughout the show at a rate of 475 IPM with a 1/2" dia. endmill at a 1" depth of cut, achieving peak material removal rates of 18.6 in. 3/min.

The live demonstrations will show that the Bridgeport GX-1000 OSP VMC coupled with the proven and extremely reliable Okuma THINC-OSP control and the patented TRUEMill Technology will provide customers the ability to not only increase speed and material removal rates, but also provide unsurpassed control and quality. The combination of these complementary technologies will provide machine shops a significant return on their investment by increasing their throughput even in the most difficult of materials and geometries.

"The ability to cut machining time in half and sometimes more than half, is one of the tangible results customers are looking for today," comments Rick Simons, President/CEO of Hardinge Inc. "These spectacular results will be demonstrated live every day during the six day show. Stop in to booth S8348 to witness for yourself!"

Surfware Inc. is the developer of SURFCAM CAD/CAM systems and TRUEMill technology.

Hardinge is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of machine tools, specializing in SUPER PRECISIONTM and precision CNC lathes, high-performance machining centers, high-end cylindrical and jig grinding machines, and technologically advanced workholding and rotary products.

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