[IMTS Preview] See Mitsubishis EDM, Waterjet, and High-Speed Vertical Machining

See Mitsubishi’s EDM, Waterjet, and High-Speed Vertical Machining

Mitsubishi’s FA20S Advance wire EDM features an advanced M700 series control. The Windows-based system with 15-inch LCD touch screen display provides a simple menu configuration allowing for easy navigation. The machine has the world’s first 3D adaptive EDM control, which can analyze 3D data and recognize shape characteristics virtually eliminating transition lines in stepped work piece areas.

Mitsubishi will also showcase its newest, large-capacity wire EDM, the BA24. The machine was designed to accommodate a variety of machining needs, from parts to dies. The machine’s new V350II power supply with anti-electrolysis technology helps achieve the high performance machining.

The EA12V Advance sinker EDM will be on display with an automatic tool changer. The machine’s space-saving footprint and multi-position work tank allow operators to set up while circulating the dielectric fluid. The E.S.P.E.R. II software can easily create programs for measuring, power settings for burning, and orbital paths for finishing.

The EA8PV Advance sinker EDM features the advanced M700 series control with 15-inch LCD touch screen.

The ED5000 CNC features a 20-position AEC (Automatic Electrode Changer) and 10-position AGC (Automatic Guide Changer).

Roku-Roku’s RMX-50V is capable of a wide speed range (200 - 30,000 RPM) using a 20 HP AC spindle motor. The new HSK-E40 holder achieves six times higher clamping force than a regular BT shank and Dual Balance Cylinders reduce load for the ball screw and servo motor.

The Mitsubishi Waterjet line has software on the 4-axis DX510 and DX612 features Intelligent Tapering Control, which corrects the natural tapering of the cut automatically. Through the CNC it inclines the water jet up to 2 degrees while pointing the jet towards the cutting direction.
Visit IMTS Booth #D-4202

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