[IMTS Preview] ROMI Demonstrating Vertical Machining Center

[IMTS Preview] ROMI Demonstrating Vertical Machining Center


Romi Machine Tools Ltd., manufacturers of CNC lathes, production turning centers and machining centers, will exhibit and demonstrate its D800AP Vertical Machining Center under power and cutting, equipped with a Siemens 828D control.

Romi is among the world’s largest machine tool builders with an installed base of over 150,000 machines. The company manufactures metalcutting machine tools, and plastic injection molding machinery at its 9-plant, 1.5-million sq. ft. industrial complex in Santa Barbara d’Oeste, Brazil. Romi’s captive foundry supplies castings for its machine tools as well as for other customers around the world. It services U.S. customers from Erlanger, Ky.

The D800AP will show off its machining capabilities by cutting a “footprint” with the Siemens and Romi logos, along with the IMTS 2010 nameplate. It will also be performing Shop Mill demos.

The machine will be tooled with high-speed end mills from Data Flute, and equipped with a 30-tool double arm automatic tool changer.

Romi personnel will be on hand to demonstrate the D800AP and to answer any questions.

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