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[IMTS Preview] Peter Wolters Announces New ID/OD Grinder

Peter Wolters’ new VM 360 was developed from the design of the proven VM 300 grinding machine. VM 360 operates with seven CNC axes, which can be optionally supplemented by another five CNC axes. For this reason, the Peter Wolters continues its performance according to the requirements of their customers within the aircraft industry and the spindle industry as well as other mechanical engineering industries.

In a single pass, the VM 360 grinds work pieces with a weight of up to 1300 lbs., a length of up to 52 inches and with an external diameter of up to 32 inches. One major feature is the stable and rigid turret mounted grinding spindles for external grinding. It carries two grinding wheels, each with diameters of 16 or 20 inches. The VM 360 can therefore be used as a fully-fledged external cylindrical grinding machine. For internal grinding, four separate high-speed grinding spindles are mounted on a second indexing turret.



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