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[IMTS Preview] Pat Mooney introduces Pegasus CNC Saws

Pat Mooney introduces Pegasus CNC Saws

Pat Mooney Inc. announces a new addition to their FMB line of automatic band saws, the Pegasus CNC, which will be featured during IMTS. The Pegasus CNC is designed for mitre sawing from 0 to 60 degrees in automatic cycle. The CNC control will allow you to set a cut length AND cutting angle for each step in a cycle. For the initial cycle, a work piece for can be indexed to 32 inch length and cut at 0 degrees, while the second cycle has been programmed for a 64 inch length and cut angle at 45 degrees.

The design of the saw head combines a special aluminum alloy with steel and cast iron for a balanced saw head that absorbs cutting vibrations. The height return of the saw band is set automatically to the work piece. Also, the rotation of the saw head is fully programmable from the machine control panel. The rotation is powered by hydraulic cylinder and the cutting angle maintained via magnetic band. Once the saw head is at the desired cutting angle, the saw head is locked into position via hydraulic cylinder.

Other features include Dynamometric Band Tension to ensure consistent blade tension; Blade Rotation Sensor that monitors the band wheels; Saw Blade Drive and Blade Speed Control that features an enclosed direct drive gear box for long-life performance; and Saw Blade Feed System with dual controls for feed and speed.
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