[IMTS Preview] Mitsui Seiki for Configurable Machining Centers

[IMTS Preview] Mitsui Seiki for Configurable Machining Centers

Configurable Machining Centers

Mitsui Seiki will formally introduce its line of large capacity, heavy duty, and configurable machining centers to North America at IMTS 2010. The new HU100 series is the first range of configurable machining centers aimed at a variety of manufacturing industries interested in versatile equipment for heavier applications. Configurable machines are those that are based on a set of standard modular components that can be arranged to suit specific customers’ needs easily and affordably.

Among machining centers, users can choose axis travels from 1300mm to 2500mm, 4, 5, or 6 axes of continuous motion with a choice of a rotary table, trunnion table, or table on table. There are also a variety of spindle choices, including fixed spindles from 6000 rpm (50 hp, 2000 ft./lbs. torque) for heavy milling up to 25,000 rpm for high-speed applications. Tilt or swivel spindle choices are available from 6000 rpm (800 ft./lbs. torque) for heavy milling up to 12,000 rpm for high speed machining. Mitsui Seiki also offers quill type spindles for precision boring with shorter tools.

The HU100 series is ideal for larger aerospace and power generation parts with a work zone capacity of up to 2500mm dia. x 2000mm height. The machines accommodate weights from 4400 lbs. (2000kg) to 17,500 lbs. (8000kg). These machines can be equipped with simple pallets changers to fully integrated FMS systems for work and raw material handling. Likewise, tool-handling systems range from on-board magazines to central systems for more than 2500 tools.

Visit IMTS Booth #S-8336
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