[IMTS Preview] Mazak Unveiling Laser Cutting System

[IMTS Preview] Mazak Unveiling Laser Cutting System

Mazak STX Mark III

Mazak Optonics Corp. will introduce the SuperTurbo-X Mark III RTC 2D laser cutting system that provides flexibility for a large range of applications. The STX Mark III RTC cuts thin to thick sheets, cubic components, taps and chamfers, so operators may laser-cut a wide range of parts. A rotary table is standard equipment for cutting round pipe up to a maximum diameter of 14.76 in., and square tubes up to 6 in. This laser machine includes an integrated tapping capability for a range of thread sizes. The STX Mk III RTC also features chamfering capabilities. The large 16.14-in. range of Z travel enables you to laser-cut preformed parts and other three-dimensional shapes requiring greater cut height. The STX Mark III RTC is available in 2,500 (0.87 in. CRS) or 4,000-watt (1 in. CRS) configurations and accepts up to a 5x10-ft sheet of flat material. It can be delivered with a large range of automated material handling systems, including Load/Unload Cells and Flexible Manufacturing Systems.

Mazak Optonics Corporation is a supplier of CO2 laser cutting systems offering 42 laser models and leading the industry in the implementation of emerging laser technologies.

The STX Mark III RTC uses numerous features developed for Mazak’s Hyper Series machines. These include intelligent setup functions for automated nozzle spatter removal, a three-station nozzle changer, and focal point measurement and adjustment capability. These features are components of Mazak’s Opti-Pod that helps to minimize system setup time and improve extended unattended operation while maintaining optimized machining conditions. The Mark III also incorporates a new Servo Focus Torch. This servo driven system significantly reduces piercing time and increases productivity. Additional new technology includes a high-accuracy auto centering lens and nozzle design that further reduces setup and increases productivity, as well as pierce, plasma and burn sensing to assure consistent performance over a wide range of materials.

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