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[IMTS Preview] Makino to Showcase F5 Vertical Machine, New Technologies

[IMTS Preview] Makino to Showcase F5 Vertical Machine, New Technologies

F5 Vertical Machine

Makino will be introducing a number of new machines at this year’s IMTS, including the F5 vertical machining center for unsurpassed accuracy and speed in dies and molds featuring complex geometries, UPV-3 wire EDM with oil-based dielectric fluid system for high-accuracy machining of carbide and mirror-like surface finishes to 0.08 ?m Rz, EDAF3 sinker EDM with fine hole option, iQ300 precision micromachining center, and the a51nx and a61nx horizontal machining centers. All new machines will be cutting live on the show floor.

Makino will also be discussing their latest research and developments in titanium machining, including ADVANTiGE technologies. By improving spindle performance, coolant delivery, vibration damping, machine rigidity and cutting strategies, ADVANTiGE is capable of four times the productivity and double the tool life of conventional machining technologies. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss ADVANTiGE and view part samples created with ADVANTiGE.

In addition to the new machines, Makino will have several processes and dozens of parts on display, along with many of the manufacturers who created the parts to discuss the process and their use of Makino technology.

Demonstrations will include: Aluminum aerospace machining on a MAG1 five-axis horizontal machining center, a MMC-R automated robotic fixture plate distribution system integrated with an a81M-5XR five-axis horizontal machining center producing a titanium aerospace structural part, the new EDAF3 sinker EDM performing rib details, fine holes and production machining, demonstrations of Makino’s HEAT wire EDM technology and low wire consumption, and ultra precision micromachining including precise metrology.

Visit IMTS Booth # S-8700

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