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[IMTS Preview] Kasto Carbide Sawing Machine with 4-in. Capacity

[IMTS Preview] Kasto Carbide Sawing Machine with 4-in. Capacity


Klingelhofer Corp.’s Kasto Model KASTOgripspeed C10 is a powerful CNC controlled circular sawing machine has a 4” round capacity that uses thin kerf “one-way” carbide or cermet tipped saw blades. This fully automatic model features an inclined loading table for round or square material, trim cutting of the incoming bar, and separation of the trim cuts and remnant ends from the cut to length pieces. Cut piece accuracy is assured through the use of a heavy-duty CNC controlled gripper feed. The saw blade guidance consists of 3 sets of carbide pads with automatic lubrication.

A unique power driven brush with automatic wear compensation eliminates the possibility of chips being carried through the cut. A modern operator interface panel with touch screen and material library assures fast and convenient setting of all machine functions. The powerful saw carriage traverses on an inclined dual linear guidance system so that any vibration is eliminated and an optimal approach to the material is provided. The saw and handling equipment is completely enclosed to meet all existing safety codes. All access doors are electrically interlocked to stop the machine when opened.

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