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[IMTS Preview] Enshu to Feature Horizontal Machining Center

Enshu will be featuring their new GE90H heavy-duty horizontal machining center designed for high volume metal removal in steel and aluminum. With its large travels, 630mm pallet and powerful 50-taper spindle, the GE90H is ideal for applications where both high precision and rapid metal removal are demanded, such as airframe components, valve and mold & die.

The Enshu GE90H can accommodate work pieces 39.3” in diameter by 51” tall, weighing up to 2,645lbs. It can quickly machine large forgings with its 10,000RPM, 40.2HP spindle delivering 420Nm of torque at the cut. Its 39.4”X, 35.4”Y and 41.3”Z axes sit atop oversized cross-roller linear guide ways for optimum rigidity. The spindle as well as all the ball screws and servo motor mounts are refrigerated and temperature controlled within C of ambient for superior accuracy through thermal stability.

The GE90H is designed to satisfy Enshu’s demanding MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and MTTR (Mean Time To Recovery) program requirements. It comes standard with a forty-tool magazine that accommodates tools up to 23.6” long and an automatic pallet changer, and its capability is easily expanded with larger tool magazines and FMS pallet systems.
Visit IMTS Booth # S-9086
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