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[IMTS Preview] Beckwood to Demonstrate Hydroform & Hydraulic Presses

[IMTS Preview] Beckwood to Demonstrate Hydroform & Hydraulic Presses


Beckwood Press Company , in conjunction with Pryer Technology Group (PTG), will unveil their new 1000 Ton Triform Sheet Hydroform Press Model (16-10-7BD) at the IMTS Tradeshow. Beckwood will demonstrate a new Active Leveling Control (ALC) system, equipped with the latest in 4 corner parallelism and HMI control features. They will also feature their DJ Benchtop Presses.

Beckwood will present the latest in hydraulic press and sheet hydroform technology. They will showcase a wide variety of hydraulic and hydroform press examples, along with a drawn part exhibit of products. A special focus on presses for compression molding and off-center loading will be featured with the hydraulic display.

Visit IMTS Booth # 6276
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