[IMTS] OMAX to Showcase Water jet Innovations

[IMTS] OMAX to Showcase Water jet Innovations


OMAX Corporation will be demonstrating a broad spectrum of abrasive water jet innovations at IMTS 2010.

Designed with an X-Y cutting travel of 165 inches x 80 inches (4,191 mm x 2032 mm), the 80X JetMachining Center excels at large scale precision machining of larger or multiple parts out of a variety of materials, including metal, composites and stone. OMAX will demonstrate the 80X with its new DualBRIDGE System, a configuration option that allows the inclusion of a second Y-bridge to boost efficiency and flexibility. Each Y-bridge is equipped with a touch screen monitor, allowing easier access to the PC-based controllers. One of the machine’s cutting heads will showcase the A-Jet, a multi-axis cutting head that cuts accurate beveled edges at angles determined by the machine operator or part program. The other cutting head will contain OMAX’s Tilt-A-Jet system, which automatically calculates and offsets the natural taper that results from the abrasive jet to achieve virtually zero taper. The 80X machine will also incorporate new fixturing to hold materials in place for streamlined operation.

The 80X on display will feature the OMAX DualPUMP Package, a fully integrated system that utilizes two P4055V pumps to produce unprecedented cutting speed and power and a significant reduction in machining time compared to previous cutting models.

Also on display will be the MAXIEM 2040 Jet Cutting Center, a newly released water jet that integrates proven technologies in a cost-efficient package. The MAXIEM 2040 will be featured with a 30 hp high-pressure direct drive 50,000 psi pump, and Intelli-MAX Basic, a control containing the core functionality of OMAX’s critically acclaimed software. With an X-Y cutting travel of 160 inches x 79 inches (4,064 mm x 2,006 mm) and a maximum table load of 125-lbs/sq ft (600 kg/m2), the machine productively cuts a wide variety of materials without creating heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses.

OMAX’s booth will also contain the MAXIEM 0707 Jet Cutting Center with an X-Y cutting travel of 30 inches x 30 inches (762 mm x 762 mm) and maximum table load of 125-lbs/sq ft (600 kg/m2).

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