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Horizontal Boring and Milling

Horizontal boring

SNK America Inc. ( will show the Nissin HBM 130 and the Niigata HN80D.

The HBM 130 horizontal boring and milling machine features a 5.1-in.-diameter boring spindle with 2,793 ft.-lb torque. A built-in rotary table provides a fifth axis of operation and positioning control within 0.001 degree. W-axis thermal growth sensors, positioned around the machine’s spindle casting and bearing, continually read thermal growth within microns in five areas.

The HN80D horizontal machining center rapid traverses at 1,181 ipm with feedrates to 592 ipm. An advanced 2-range geared headstock allows for full 50-hp cuts. With only three rotating components, maximum power is transmitted simply and efficiently to the cutting tool. Large-diameter ballscrews, coupled directly to powerful AC digital servo motors, deliver high-thrust drilling and accommodate the latest tool technologies.

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