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High pressure/high thrust groover

High pressure

The new 24014 High Pressure/
High Thrust Groover from
Manchester Tool & Die Inc.
provides rolling or cutting
operations with quick and easy tool
changes and easy access to tooling.
Depending on the application
and optional equipment, the
24014 offers five-second cycle
time, machine capacity of 0.75-in.
diameter by 0.120-in. wall, jaw
opening of 1.125 in. and a clamp
force of three tons.
The 24014 Groover operates
by advancing and closing
a spinning head containing
rolling or cutting tools over a
clamped tube. The depth of the
rolled or machine cut grooves
can be changed with a simple
The groover is equipped with a
7.5-hp spindle motor with variable
speed control, panel view operator
interface and voltage based on
customer specifications. A variety
of additional features and options
are also available along with a
12 month warranty.

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