High-performance Tool Grinder

High-performance Tool Grinder

Ten-second automated wheel
Ten-second automated wheel exchanges are just one selling point of the ANCA MX7 CNC cutter grinder.

The MX7, ANCA Inc.’s next-generation CNC grinding system, was made for high flexibility and quick changeover to accommodate smaller batch sizes with highvolume capability for production houses. The machine can manufacture, unattended, a variety of tools with diameters to 0.625 in.

Flexibility, quick changeovers, and high output result from the machine’s 10-second automated wheel exchanges and 10-second workpiece changing with an integrated loader.

A newly developed permanent magnet 20- kW/27-hp 10,000-rpm spindle delivers high torque at lower rpm, making the machine well suited for carbide-grinding applications. Due to the lower current draw, less heat is generated, so there is less expansion and greater energy efficient operation and accuracy.

Add an MLX loader to the MX7 and further increase productivity. The integration of the loader into the machine’s base ensures repeatable loading to go along with the one gripper set for loading that reduces set-up time.

Other available machine features include a high-speed headstock for wheel dressing, traveling steady and secondary side dresser.

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