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Heavy Material Removal

Heavy Material Removal

Heavy material removal

As Haas Automation’s ( newest horizontal machining center, the EC-550 features a 30 in. by 34 in. by 32-in. work envelope, 50-taper geared-head spindle, dual pallet changer with 550-mm pallets, 50-pocket side-mount tool changer and a built-in 1-degree pallet indexer. EC-550 twospeed gearboxes provide 450 ft-lb of torque for heavy material removal and speeds of 6,000 rpm for finish cutting. An optional 10,000-rpm inline direct-drive spindle is available.

Each of the machine’s pallets handles 2,205 lb, and the servo-driven pallet changer swaps pallets quickly. A protected load station allows operators to safely load and unload parts or change fixtures on one pallet while parts are being machined on the other to keep spindle run time at a maximum.

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