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Grinding Unattended

Grinding Unattended

Grinding Unattended

Shops using the RTG-100CNC I.D./O.D. twin-spindle compound grinder from Paragon Machinery Co. Ltd clamp once instead of twice, to grind as many as eight faces. The machine grinds O.D.s up to 320 mm and I.D.s from 6 mm to 100 mm for enhanced productivity, as well as precision and concentricity.

The machine is equipped with Heidenhain sealed linear encoders, Class C1 ballscrews and a backlash-eliminating device.

According to Paragon Machinery, the RTG-100CNC has the potential to increase productivity and performance by 40 percent, while lowering shops’ capital outlays by a comparable 40 percent. In addition, all the company’s grinders are available with total solutions in customization and automation

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