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Gear Grinding

Gear Grinding

Gear grinding

The Kapp Group ( will display its new KX 500 Flex gear center and its Niles ZE 400 profile grinder. The KX 500 Flex does continuous generating grinding, discontinuous profile grinding, or a combination of both methods. It grinds external spur and helical gears of modules to 0.4 in. with a maximum O.D. of 19.7 in. and a gear width to 20.5 in. Either conventional dressable worms or profile grinding wheels can be used.

Engineered with ergonomics in mind, all operator elements, including the workpiece, of the Niles ZE 400 can be reached from the factory floor. The machine’s bed supports workpiece weights to 2,650 lb., and other features include a Siemens 840D control, tailstock, CNC dressing device, and on-board measuring.

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