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Fixed headstock for short work

Fixed headstock for short work

Fixed headstock

Precision Tsugami Corp. now offers a fixed headstock “chucker” configuration of its well-known SS32 Super Swiss Turn model. The SS32L is available in North America through Rem Sales LLC for producing complex parts complete out of either ground or cold-rolled bar stock.

According to product manager Ron Gainer of Rem Sales, a fixed headstock configuration offers distinct advantages for certain applications. He listed those involving shorter parts and ones not requiring the use of ground bar stock.

“A typical Swiss-type machine will produce a bar remnant equal to the machine’s headstock stroke. In a chucker configuration, the headstock is pushed forward into the tool zone, substantially reducing the remnant. Shops will be able to produce more parts from each bar to reduce costly waste and increase productivity,” said Gainer.

On the SS32L, live face and cross tools for the main and sub spindle efficiently cut complex geometries on both sides of a part for more balanced machining. An optional adjustable angle-driven face attachment provides angled drilling, milling and thread whirling. And, with its 12.6-in. headstock stroke, the machine easily handles long parts.

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