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Fast, Yet Powerful, Spindles

Fast, Yet Powerful, Spindles


According to Uwe Rahmlow from the marketing department at Lang GmbH in Huttenberg, Hesse, Germany, customers are increasingly demanding spindles with greater rotational speed ranges coupled with constant torque at lower rotational speeds.

Lang, a mechanical engineering company, supplies milling and laser engraving machines and relies on Alfred Jager GmbH (, Ober-Morlen, Germany, for its spindles. Lately, those have been Jager’s new F100-H635.01 S11CW2V and Z100-H642.03 S11 W2 highfrequency spindles that allow shops to do fine engraving and rough cutting on one machine.

Jager spindles use hybrid ball bearings in a special arrangement and electronic fine balancing for achieving speeds as fast as 42,000 rpm and outputs of 170 W to 67 W. As optional, the spindles can include vector position regulation and sensors for compensating length growth and bearing temperature.

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