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Engraving at 60,000 rpm

Engraving at 60,000 rpm


Gravograph milling engraving machines just got a whole lot faster.

The company offers, as an option, highpower high-frequency spindles with powers of 150 W to 1,000 W and speeds to 60,000 rpm. Applications for the spindle include various cutting operations and 3D marking on hard metallic materials.

The machine’s electronic control system controls the spindle for a totally integrated package. And likewise, all the information concerning the spindle is integrated into the control screen of the machine, and one switch starts both the machine and spindle.

GravoStyle5 software drives the spindle and offers numerous CAD/ CAM functions to augment the marking options. The machines equipped with this option are also more straightforward and quicker to configure than standard models.

The spindles can be equipped as high-quality tools on the Gravograph range to obtain the most precise results, even in demanding 2D, 2.5D and 3D applications. Tools with diameters to 6 mm are acceptable.

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