Efficient Titanium Machining

Efficient Titanium Machining

Makino’s T4 is built for titanium.
Makino’s T4 is built for titanium.

Built for large titanium and titanium alloy aerospace parts, such as edge frames, pylons and bulkheads, the T4 five-axis horizontal machining center from Makino () sports several key elements for efficient titanium machining. These include an active dampening system, rigid construction, high-torque highpowered spindle and a high-pressure high-flow coolant system for increased speed and productivity.

With Makino’s new Active Dampening System, the T4 suppresses vibrations by balancing frictional forces with cutting forces so that shops can perform deeper cuts, achieve higher metal-removal rates and reduce tool wear. The machine provides X, Y, and Z-axis travels of 165 in., 78 in. and 39 in. respectively, and it holds workpieces weighing as much as 11,022 lb within its large stable cutting area.

There is plenty of power in the T4’s HSK-A125 spindle. Its compact design combines the latest induction motor technology with twin-inverter drive technology for torque of 740 ft-lb, 133-hp continuous and 1,100 ft-lb, 200-hp peak. Maximum deliverable cutting force is 20,000 N, and maximum speed is 40,000 rpm.

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