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EDM Redesign

Fanuc’s redesigned iD EDM.

For its new iD Series wire EDMs, Fanuc ( started from scratch and completely redesigned, from the ground up, to develop machines with superior cutting speeds, accuracy and exceptional surface finish-generating capabilities.

Fanuc beefed up the new machines with cast Meehanite bases that are thermally insulated and 40 percent more rigid than previous models. The company increased table travels with no load overhang during table movement and incorporated heavyduty 1.26-in. ballscrews that are double anchored and encapsulated in bellowsstyle covers into the machine’s X and Y axes. For the U and V axes, ballscrews measure 0.79 in. in diameter.

Fanuc’s most powerful EDM CNC to date, the 310iS-WA, runs the iD Series machines. The control features a Windows operating system, 15.1-in. LCD touch screen, split-screen graphics, on-board interactive parts/maintenance assistance, and the ability to transfer program files through a USB memory stick or Ethernet network.

A new Air Jet wire transport system provides accurate, reliable and fast automatic wire feeding. The wirefeed system also has twin-servo wire tension control that ensures high part accuracies and quality by reducing tension variations to a quarter of that of conventional machines.

For the iD Series, Fanuc uses its R Series adaptive control to count Fanuc’s redesigned iD EDM. real-time effective discharge pulses in cutting gaps and to continuously adjust discharge energy density and gap. The adaptive control delivers optimum machining speed and control on complex workpieces with steps or corners, even in poor flushing conditions with tough materials. Digital nano interpolation and corner control within the R Series control also ensure smooth cutting and accurate part geometries.

New servo-driven tank valves make sure that tank water levels automatically follow machine Z-axis positions. This prevents lines on workpieces – common with conventional machines – caused by the opening and closing of solenoid valves.

Powerful bandsaw

Powerful bandsaw

DoAll Sawing Products’ ( model DC-310NC II dual-column metalcutting bandsaw has a 1.250-in. blade and powerful 5-hp AC inverter band-drive system with variable speeds from 50 to 400 fpm. The saw handles a wide range of materials in 12-in.-diameter rounds and 12 in. by 12-in. rectangles. For increased accuracy, an all-new floating-style index assembly with automatic multiple indexing, slues right or left on a rollertype bed to accommodate crooked stock.

Programmable bandsaw

Programmable bandsaw

The C-300NC+ is a high production programmable bandsaw from Cosen Saws ( that incorporates a 5-hp motor. The saw’s SNC-20 programming system lets shops enter in cut lengths and quantities desired, and it stores as many as 20 cutting jobs and features automatic kerf compensation for parts longer than a single index.

Magazine barfeeder

Magazine barfeeder

The Imeca ( Genius 120 magazine barfeeder ran on a Star SR20 CNC automatic lathe inside the Star CNC Machine Tool Corp. booth at this year’s Westec show. The Genius 120’s hydrodynamic guide channel system enables simple, quick changeovers and reduces noise and vibrations for high-rpm applications and extremely small-diameter bars without sacrificing precision.

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