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A Different Multispindle

A Different Multispindle


The design of the Mori- Say TMZ 642 CNC multispindle machine is engineered to eliminate the need to cool the machine’s spindle drum.

This ensures mechanical stability without refrigerant or spindle compensation that typically is required with conventional multispindle machines. Such a design also eliminates the need for slipring connectors and the need to disconnect motors from the spindle at each index of the spindle drum.

What differs in the TMZ 642’s design is that a composite shaft links each of the machine’s six independent spindles to their own motors located away from the spindle drum. The machine also features a double Siemens CNC that offers a nearly unlimited number of CNC axes.

ZPS America LLC, based in Indianapolis, will sell and support the TMZ 642 in North America. ZPS is a unit of the Tajmac Group with operations in Italy, Czech Republic and France.

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