Figure 1 See the numerical references below
<p>Figure 1. See the numerical references below.</p>

A Correction Mechanism for a Lead Screw

A practical approach for resolving accumulated errors in the pitch (and inside pitch) &nbsp;

For automatic correction of accumulated errors in the lead screw in the pitch and in the inside pitch of lead screw we use the same lead screw:
1.  On the top of the helixes of screw we make a tape-band where all errors of all the pitches and inside pitches are fixed as hollows (a) and protuberances (b).

2.  Both (a) and (b) throw a system of lever turns the actuating nut through a certain angle, corresponding to previously detected errors.

3.  For the turns nut we also can use electronic devices.

On the Figure 1, we see:
1.  lead screw.
2.  tape-band with hollows and protuberances.
3.  tape-band with hollows and protuberances.
4.  actuating nut.
5.  spring.
6.  stud.
7.  stud.
8.  lever.
9.  axle.
10.  bracket.
11.  base.

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