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Consumables and a 120,000-rpm turbine-air spindle

Consumables and a 120,000-rpm turbine-air spindle

Sodick’s AZ150
Sodick’s AZ150 high-speed mill generates 0.6 RMS surface finishes.

Sodick Inc. has launched Hightech, the company’s new EDM consumable sales division. The division will provide such consumables as filters, wire, electrodes and carbide contacts for all EDM machines. Anthony Caruso will head the new division.

In other Sodick news, the company has debuted its AZ150 nano precision high-speed mill that features a 120,000-rpm turbine-air spindle, 3-nanometer resolution and vibration-free counterbalanced linear motor drives with cross roller guide drives mounted on the X and Y axes.

The machine produces nano-precision parts with mirrored finishes down to 0.6 RMS and accuracies between 5 and 100 nanometers. Its axis travels measure 6 in. by 6 in. by 4 in., and it handles part weights to 11 lb.

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