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Mazak VC500AM, IMTS 2016 Mazak Corp.
This VC-500 AM was introduced in 2016: the new VC-500A/5X AM HWD will incorporate "Hot Wire", a co-development of Mazak Corp. and Lincoln Electric Corp.

Coming Together Around Hybrid Manufacturing

Mazak’s forthcoming “hybrid multi-tasking” system with laser cladding is an example of the steady integration of additive and subtractive manufacturing

It seems curious now that "additive manufacturing" should be regarded as anything novel or extraordinary. It was merely four years ago that the organizers of IMTS 2014 instituted a special pavilion to display the support technologies and design and production potential for additive manufacturing systems. Now, additive manufacturing is an extension of most CNC machine developers, and additive manufacturing figures prominently in the design and automation programs that inform the wide field of

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