Ceramic Bearings Race into Motorsports

Ceramic Bearings Race into Motorsports

Boca bearings for the Performance Racing market.

Ceramic bearing technology never really made it into Performance Racing applications because of the harsh environments within that industry. That is until now with the introduction of Teflon-sealed, full ceramic radial and insert-style bearings. These bearings offer the least resistance of all bearings, are lighter than steel, will never corrode and require little or no lubrication.

The Boca Bearing Co. is one manufacturer offering full ceramic sealed bearings, along with high-speed, high-heat lubrications specifically designed with the Performance Racing market in mind. Also, the company offers a wide assortment of ceramic hybrid bearings, which feature stainless steel races, silicon nitride balls and different seal/ shield/retainer options.

For applications requiring cleanliness, durability and speed, Boca Bearings has developed its Ultra Dry Lube process that molecularly bonds less than a half micron to any metal substrate and has a co-efficient of friction which is less than half that of graphite. It works on bearings, chains, piston heads or any engine component that would benefit from lubrication.

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