Brilliant Laser technology

Brilliant Laser technology

High-Brilliance Laser systems
High-Brilliance Laser systems incorporate fiber optic laser sources.

High-Brilliance Laser technology is quickly becoming common and desirable as it essentially simplifies the generation and management of the laser beam. Specifically, when used for sheet metal, plate or pipe cutting, the power requirements of the system are substantially less, while attainable cutting parameters are comparable to a traditional CO2 laser generator.

Two Italian companies Campana Livio S.r.l. and Finsomac S.r.l produce the High-Brilliance Laser technology. Cy Laser LLC sells and services Cy Laser High Brilliance Laser systems in North America.

Cy Laser High-Brilliance Laser systems cut 20-mm mild steel, 10-mm stainless steel, 10-mm aluminum, and can be employed to cut brass and copper. In addition, the higherquality laser beam produced can be carried through a fiber optic cable to eliminate the need for complex and costly mirror sets. Consequently, High-Brilliance laser systems are virtually maintenance free.

The system’s laser cutting head is extremely simple, consisting of one focalizing lens, and there is no need to maintain and swap cutting heads when changing set up.

Since High-Brilliance laser systems use fiber optic laser sources, the systems present many advantages over traditional laser sources. For example, there can be high power generated within a reduced overall perimeter/layout of equipment, high system yield, less power needed for cooling, no moving components and no laser gas.

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