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Boring in the Round

Horizontal boring mill

The BO 110 heavy-duty horizontal boring mill from Knuth Machine Tools USA Inc. ( features a 360-degree rotary table for easy access. The table handles loads to 5,500 lb, and its travels measure 39 in. by 35 in. by 35.25 in., with a spindle-center-to-table range of 0 to 35 in. The machine’s quill, headstock and table can feed in 36 steps from 0.0016 in. to 0.06 in. per revolution depending on spindle rpm.

With a 3-axis DRO, the BO 110 has a spindle diameter of 4.250 in. with variable frequency drive that provides 8 to 1,000 rpm. The spindle feeds a distance of 23.6 in. with an axial thrust of 2,750 lb and torque of 900 ft-lb from a 10-hp motor. There is a facing slide as well with a feed of 7.1 in.

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