A base for production


Tajmac-ZPS has its own foundry on site at its 1-million-sq-ft facility in the Czech Republic. The foundry produces approximately 15,000 tons of grey and ductile iron machine castings. About 30 percent of the castings produced are for the company’s machines, while the rest are for outside customers.

The company manufactures 90 percent of the mechanical parts for each of the 750 machines it produces per year. About 30 percent of the factory’s capacity is dedicated to building multispindle machines, some of which – the simplest model – can involve as many as 1,600 parts.

In 1972, the company built its first CNC machine. Its product offerings have since grown to include vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, multipurpose machining centers, multispindle machines and slidingheadstock machines.

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