Bandsaw blades for high-stress materials

Bandsaw blades for high-stress materials

Bandsaw blades

New Tri-Tech CT Band Saw Blades from Lenox are for cutting large cross-sections or a range of difficult-to-machine high-strength steels and nickel-based alloys.

The blades have a set style tooth pattern for cutting straight and eliminate the pinching that can occur when cutting high-stress metals such as Inconel and other super alloys.

Their high-grade carbide tips are precision ground for efficient cutting while maintaining a balanced work load between teeth. The company said the Tri-Tech CT tooth geometry creates three thick chips with each pass, resulting in a productive cut by keeping the blade moving through workhardened materials. The high performance backing steel goes through a detailed preparation process that minimizes body breakage and extends the life of the blade.

The blades are available in 14 specifications ranging from 1.25-in. to 3-in. widths. Two new teeth-per-inch configurations make it possible to cut high-stress metals in an even wider range of sizes.

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