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Automated High-Speed Milling and EDM

Automated High-Speed Milling and EDM


Equipped with a fully integrated industrial robot, GF AgieCharmilles’ ( Automation Cell features workpiece loading and unloading. The fully integrated cell combines 5-axis highspeed milling and 5-axis wire EDM machines to maximize flexibility and increase efficiency in applications such as medical manufacturing.

Within a cell, a System 3R robot travels between tool magazines, machines and a CMM inspection area. After an optical system detects the position and orientation of delivered raw parts, the robot picks up and delivers them to four and two-jaw chucks integrated in the machines. Depending on the project, the production process can be supplemented with measuring cycles and external auxiliary processes.

The automation cell adapts to any machine prepared for automation in the GF AgieCharmilles product line. Customizable to fit project-specific requirements, the cell enables manufacturers to achieve a better reproducible quality in larger quantities, while also counteracting the effects of an ever-decreasing qualified workforce.

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