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Automated five-axis machining

Automated five-axis machining

Automated five-axis

Datron Dynamics Inc. has unveiled its automated, 5-axis, high-speed machining center for small-part manufacturing. The company said the machine is the only one in its price range that provides 5-axis capabilities for small parts requiring tight tolerances. Other machines either don’t offer a 5-axis option or are extremely expensive, the company said.

The M8 5-axis trunnion machining center accesses five sides of parts and offers complete part machining in single setups. For automated manufacturing, Datron can equip the machine with a robotic interface and a pick-and-place system.

A steel bridge reinforced with polymer concrete provides stability and allows the M8 to support heavier spindles. Spindle options include a 2-kW (2.750-hp) water-chilled 60,000-rpm spindle and a 3-kW 40,000-rpm HSK-E25 spindle.

Shops can opt for a 30-tool stationstyle rack automatic tool changer with tool-length sensor for the 2-kW spindle and a 10-tool changer for the 3-kW spindle. Extra features include a stabilized gantry, integrated pneumatically covered tool magazine, LCD flat-panel display, polycarbonate side windows and a removable chip cart on wheels.

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