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A cut-away view of an electric motor with a PCB stator in place.

New Partnership for PCB Stator Motor Production

June 25, 2024
The developer of printed-circuit board stators for electric motors is aligned with a contract manufacturer, for retail products and kits for integrating PCB rotary motor elements.

Electric motor innovator ECM PCB Stator Tech reports it has a partnership agreement in place with East West Manufacturing, and the two are at work on “a commercial consumer product” for a third-party that will enter retail markets in Q4 2024.

“We are thrilled to partner with ECM,” according to East West CEO Scott Ellyson. “Together, we're not only advancing the adoption of sustainable, high-performance electric motors but also reshaping the future of manufacturing, driving efficiency, and innovation at every turn.”

ECM is the developer of the patented PrintStator technology for producing printed circuit board stators – stationary components of rotary motors that transfer electric energy to the motor shaft, defining speed and torque. Conventional stators are comprised of coiled wire, which generates heat and absorbs the stress of the operation; the ECM technology replaces the motors’ copper windings with a 70% lighter, printed circuit board.

ECM is also the source of the PrintStator Motor CAD that electric motor builders can adopt to advance their designs to the production stage.

Atlanta-based East West is a contract manufacturer that has domestic and offshore operations and a global design team, which works with customers to design, engineer, build, and distribute manufactured products. Its four divisions specialize in integrated assemblies, electronic manufacturing, HVAC equipment, and medical devices.

East West is now a certified ECM manufacturing partner, and in addition to their pending consumer product the two companies are working together to produce pre-designed sample-motor kits integrating PCB Stators.

“This partnership with East West boosts ECM’s mission to deliver the benefits of PCB Stator innovation to a world that will require over a billion specialized electric motors annually. It expands our global reach and ability to offer next generation motor solutions at scale,” stated CEO Brian Casey.

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