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New Mazak Design Options Add Machining Power, Versatility

Aug. 8, 2017
Dual column HCN-16000Q combines part-processing advantages of horizontal machining with deep-hole boring

Machine tool builder Mazak reported it has installed its own design HCN-16000Q horizontal machining center at its North American Manufacturing Plant in Florence, Ky., adding that the new machine "positions (it) to ramp up overall production of its Kentucky-built machines and handle components, especially larger ones, for new machine models to meet surging customer demands."

The Kentucky complex is the center of manufacturing and distribution for Mazak Corporation in the Western Hemisphere, with capabilities to produce over 100 models of turning centers, multi-Tasking machines, and vertical machining centers, including 5-axis models.

The complex was the first plant to achieve Mazak’s planned iSmart Factory concept of networked machinery and digitized manufacturing.

The HCN-16000Q has a double-column, quill-head design, so it’s able to operate as a horizontal machine with additional functions of a traditional boring machine. Operators, including Mazak, can perform deep boring and milling on the same platform. The combination offers flexibility as well as reduces the total number of part setups.

 “In today’s manufacturing world, it is essential to have the most innovative and productive equipment possible,” stated chairman Brian Papke. “As a manufacturer ourselves, we continue to invest in such equipment for our own operations so that we can quickly deliver the most advanced machines to our customers. The recently installed quill machine is a perfect example of this.”

The HCN-16000Q is the first machine in the Mazak HCN series to offer the quill functions, and is offered in single-table (open or covered) and two-pallet machine configurations. It is recommended for manufacturers producing parts for oil-and-gas industry operations, construction equipment, mining and farm equipment, or complex machinery, as for the Kentucky installation. According to the developer, it is a suitable choice for project that benefits from the speed and accuracy of horizontal machining, with part details that require long reach milling and boring.

The HCN-16000Q’s double-column design centers the quill head to eliminate potential problems resulting from overhang or imbalance (typically associated with boring machines.) Mazak’s twin ballscrew-driven Y-axis eliminates the need for a counterbalance mechanism, and promotes fast, precise, and smooth Y-axis stroke extension and retraction.

The quill has a built-in motor and high-torque, direct-drive, 50-hp (37-kW) spindle that puts out 1,000 ft./lbs. (1,357 Nm) of torque.

The standard tool capacity for the HCN-16000Q is 80 tools, which may be increased to 120 or 160 tools, or incorporate Mazak’s Tooltech system. An optional tool-changing system is available to handle larger tools.

The HCN-16000Q’s 49.2X63.0-in. (1,250x1,600 mm) pallets accommodate workpieces up to 118.11 in. (3,000 mm) in diameter, 78.74 in. (2,000 mm) high, and weighing as much as 17,636 lbs. (8,000 Kg) (two-PC model) and 22,046 lbs. (10,000 Kg) (single table model).

This machine tool manufacturing plant in Florence, Ky., is the primary example of the Mazak’s iSMART Factory concept.
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