The Airbus A380 is a two-deck, four-engine jet for long-distance routes, and one of three classes of aircraft that will be maintained and serviced by the new Singapore operation.

New Venture for Heavy Maintenance on Airbus Wide-Bodies

Feb. 18, 2016
Singapore project will perform airframe maintenance, cabin upgrade, modification services MRO for A380, A350 and A330 jets Four bays of service Critical region for Airbus widebody aircraft

Jet builder Airbus SAS inked an agreement to partner with Singapore-based SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC) to form a joint venture maintenance operation there. The venture will perform airframe maintenance, cabin upgrade and modification services for Airbus wide-body aircraft (A380, A350 and A330) for airlines in the Asia-Pacific region.

SIA Engineering Co. offers MRO services to over 80 commercial air carriers and aerospace equipment manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific region. According to the new partners’ announcement, this project represents SIAEC’s first collaboration with a major aircraft manufacturer for airframe maintenance.

“The joint venture will be Airbus’ Centre of Excellence in Asia for the heavy maintenance of the world’s largest commercial airliner, the A380, and the latest aircraft from Airbus, the A350,” stated Png Kim Chiang, CEO for SIAEC.

Initial plans call for the project to lease two hangar bays from SIAEC for its operations. Over the next six years, it will add two additional hangar bays.

The name and capitalization of the new venture were not announced. SIAEC will hold a 65% share in the operation; Airbus will have the remaining 35%.

According to Airbus, the venture draws on SIAEC’s extensive maintenance experience and expertise and its own technical and engineering knowledge as an airframe manufacturer.

According to Airbus president and CEO Fabrice Brégier, “The Asia-Pacific region is a key market for Airbus wide-body aircraft and will continue to drive demand for larger aircraft types such as the A380, A350 and A330 in the coming years.

“Setting up a world class facility in this region through our joint venture with SIAEC reflects Airbus’ strategy to develop a full range of support services for operators of our aircraft near to their home bases,” he concluded.

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