The Yasda H40i houses rollertype guideways with a retainer on the XYZ axes for highspeed operations and high acceleration and a Zaxis ball screw positioned center of the guideways enabling fast feed without geometric error

Accuracy and Repeatability in High-Precision Five-Axis Machine

May 22, 2014
Methods Machine Tools introduces Yasda H40i for low-volume, high-mix operation Ribbed, cast iron bed Thermal compensation Direct-drive motors in rotary axis Work envelope 34x29x27 inches (X-Y-Z)

Methods Machine Tools Inc. introduced the Yasda H40i 5-axis high-precision machining center to North American buyers, emphasizing its repeatability and accuracy, as well as some advantages that are unique to the industry.

Yasda Precision is a Japanese manufacturer of machining centers and jig borers, maintaining a reputation for accuracy, precision, and quality, with design details like hand-scraped surfaces and exceptionally high standards for machine construction. 

The Yasda H40i is positioned to meet the demands for tighter tolerances and shorter cycle times required by aerospace, die-and-mold, and automotive manufacturers.

A solid structure houses roller-type guideways with a retainer on the X-Y-Z axes for high-speed operations and high acceleration, and a Z-axis ball screw positioned center of the guideways, enabling fast feed without geometric error.  The highly rigid bed is a ribbed, cast iron unit with superb vibration damping characteristics.  Three-point mounting maintains static accuracy. 

Superior craftsmanship, combined with a highly advanced, state-of-the-art thermal compensation system, distinguishing the Yasda H40i from other machines.

The new Yasda H40i 5-axis machining center is ideal for manufacturing low volumes and high mixes of complex parts, according to Methods.  "The H40i user has the ability to adjust the work envelope to accommodate varying work sizes," explained Yasda product manager Steve Previti.  "This capability offers owners flexibility to maximize machine utilization while taking on jobs with a wide variety of part sizes, materials and geometries."   

The H40i is equipped with Direct Drive (DD) motors in the rotary axis for simultaneous, high-speed 5-axis machining, with A and B axis rotational speeds of 100 and 75 respectively.  A high-performance spindle provides optimal power and torque for machining a wide range of metal alloys. The spindle is guaranteed under normal use for up to 20,000 hours, while minimizing thermal distortion for optimal tool performance and high surface finishes

The Yasda H40i has a large work envelope (travels are 34 inches on the X-axis, 29 inches on the Y-axis, and 27 inches on the Z-axis.)  Notwithstanding this large work capacity, the Yasda H40i has a compact footprint of less than 27 feet in length and under 11 feet wide, fully configured with 24 pallets, which is an economical use of valuable floor space.

The machine is available in multiple configurations, and Methods offers from inventory the H40i-24PLS — which is a 24-pallet version with a part preload station, A & B axis DD motors, and 240-tool capacity.  A Fanuc 31i-A5 controller and complete work scheduling and tool management via the APC and ATC are standard.

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