A typical workholding set-up change requiring 20 minutes using standard methods is done in less than two minutes, according to Kurt Manufacturing.

Zero-Point Clamping System Aligns Instantly

Oct. 3, 2013
For light- to heavy-duty applications Pneumatic and hydraulic models

Kurt Manufacturing’s patented DockLock workholding system is a fast, accurate, and repeatable method for making set-up changes on all types of horizontal and vertical machining centers. It is available in pneumatic and hydraulic models, and it can be sized to work with light to heavy-duty applications.

The DockLock has repeatable mounting accuracy to ± 0.0002 inch.

With repeatable mounting accuracy to ± 0.0002 inch on a typical part set-up, the DockLock system ensures high-quality finishes, no scrap parts, and substantial set-up time reduction.  A typical workholding set-up change requiring 20 minutes using standard methods is done in less than two minutes, according to the developer, and complicated machine set-ups are made simpler too. Vises and fixtures mount quickly and easily, and the DockLock allows users to locate or remove the workholding from a machine instantly, or to move it offline or to another machine and/or back again in just seconds with zero-point accuracy every time.

With solid holding force, the workholding locks into position and remains immobile. Heavy fixtures self-align with minimal operator effort, and once positioned, a patented collet retention systemdampens vibration tendencies in the workholding set-up, ensuring workholding rigidity during the machining process.

The standard, automatic and heavy-duty hydraulic models have a retention force of 9,000 lbs. (40,000 Newtons) per locking cylinder. The heaviest-duty models have a retention force of 20,000 lbs. (90,000 Newtons.)

Other DockLock features include top-down design making the fixture handling process fast and easy. With the optional air-blast system, the system is easy to keep free of chips and coolant. Also, the system’s sturdy design requires minimal maintenance, promoting long service life even with repeated use.

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Milltech Precision Engineering can program up to 32 components to be machined on each of four faces of a tombstone – from just a single software set-up. This diagram shows a part for a hydraulic system to be used in subsea drilling equipment.
MicroPlus system limits radial and axial run-out consistently to less than 3 microns (0.0001 in.) for tools that measure 50 mm (2 in.) from the face of the collet.

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